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Best Vlogging Camera Under $200

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Best Vlogging Camera Under $200

The best quality of vlogging camera is the desire of a vlogger who keeps updating his creative ideas on the internet. However, the interest also comes with the facility of the best camera that gives the best of performance and functions at the same time. Famous brands mostly offer products that are expensive and out of reach of many vloggers, but there are other companies too that offer cameras at a lower cost. Hence, we have made a list of the best vlogging camera under $200. The cameras we have selected have all the important features and at affordable rates. Still, there is a need for good analysis before selecting a particular camera. We have come with some selected features that every vlogger should consider before buying the camera.

best vlogging camera under $200

What to Consider when Buying Vlogging Cameras under 200

The Quality of Image

The main task of the camera is to record images, and it is only possible when the camera has full capability of recording the videos in full HD. The camera working with more speed of 1080p can maintain professional work for the vlogger. Now, the trend of taking videos and pictures is changing as there is more emphasize on precise details with good quality of images. We can see that now marketing of food and travel depends on good images. Buying the camera with good quality of the image can give you good results in the long run. You can see whether the camera you are buying has Ultra HD in it or not and buy the one that has this feature.

Good Performance in Low Light

There is no doubt that the vlogger prefers recording indoors in the environment where there is minimal light or not perfect lights. Therefore it is necessary to use the equipment that has the ability to perform excellently in low light. Even the camera should have the ability to perform outdoors in a sunny environment.

Good Image Stabilization

There is more a trend of movement inspired videos because this is most liked activity by the vloggers. Therefore, there is a need for selecting the camera that provides enough support of stabilization for getting optical images. The camera should have the option of improving shaky videos that means you should not face any hurdle in making shaky videos. It will help you stay creative at your work and enjoy your work to a great extent.

Audio Facility

Audio is one of the qualities that you need to consider important while buying the camera. You can check whether the videos give the right sound to you while you see the videos because it will give a good experience to the viewers watching the videos. See that which of the camera in the market has the high quality of audio recording facility. You can ask the seller to show you a demonstration of audio of the camera to buy it.

Flip Screen

The next important feature in our list is the flip screen that is very important for vloggers because the feature enables the camera to be handy. The user gets quality videos when the camera is handier. There are many cameras available on low cost that have this feature, but there are many which do not have this feature. The following list of five cameras available under $200 will help you choose the camera that is suitable for you. Let’s have a look at the different options available.

5 Best Vlogging Cameras Under $200 Reviewed

1. Canon SX140IS  Powershot

Canon SX140IS Powershot comes with a number of features that makes it one of the best cameras among cheap and good performing cameras. Lets’ have a look at the different features of the camera.


The camera is cheaper than Nikon’s L840. It has manual adjustment available at lower price. The camera is suitable both inside and outside of the house giving a rich experience to the person using it. You can create prank videos and lifestyle videos with it. It also gives the best result for making tutorials, video games and commentary.


The camera has a very good quality of 1080p that gives good recording.
It has gotten 4/5 stars for its performance by the vloggers.
It is suitable for any place no matter outdoor or indoors.
The camera can adjust manually that means the vlogger has to remain stress-free.


The camera has less resolution.
The battery of the camera is average on the backup.
There is no flip screen with the camera that makes it difficult to create flexible videos.
There is no external microphone with the camera.
It does not have any front mic.

2. Nikon L840  Coolpix

A good camera must be a compotator for other cameras, and Nikon L840 Coolpix has the features that make it good than Nikon’s L840 model of camera. The camera ha number of features that you would like because it makes the camera unique than others.


The camera gives a perfect performance that increases its market value. It is best for YouTubers because it works best in low light. It also gives good result under the ground and other areas indoors.   It has the video quality of 1080p. It also has a tilt screen and got 4/5 stars for its best performance.


The camera is compact and small on the size that makes it handy and easy to use for the vlogger.
It gives a perfect result for the indoor shooting because it records the videos with HD quality of 1080p speed. It also has a built-in flip screen and WIFi. The camera has one of the best batteries among all the cameras available in the market.


The camera does not have a manual mode.
There is no external microphone available for the camera.
There is no front mic, and the life of the battery is average.
The camera is noisy that creates an unpleasant experience of using it.

3. 16MP Digital Camera FinePix S8600 by FujiFilm

Fujifilm has created great videos indoors because of its excellent technology. FinePix S8600 as the name says resembles DSLR. It has a number of good features.


The camera is not a common camera as but a shoot and point one that works in the range of 720p indoors. The camera is suitable for all who are non-technical, but they want the best of cameras for recording videos.


The battery of the camera is long lasting which reduces the worry to charge the battery again.
The camera has received 4/5 rating star performance because of the good quality it gives to the user. The video quality of the camera is 1080p that is similar to other cameras but still good with other features.


The camera does not have a flip screen, and there is no wireless sharing with the camera.
The battery of the camera is average means you cannot rely on the camera without charging for a longer time. There is no external Microphone with the camera. It does not have any front mic.

4. Nikon S6900 Cool Pix Digital Camera

Many of the vloggers nowadays are travelers who love capturing videos with their cameras.
Nikon S6900 Cool Pix Digital Camera is one of the best options because it is a portable device. It has following features that prove it is the best camera among all others in the market. It has counted as second most demanding cameras for travelers.


The camera is light in weight that creates convenience in handling it. It is an excellent model available in $200. The camera shoots 1080p videos with a range of full HD and a good speed of 30fps. The camera has IOS that is not commonly present in other cameras. It has a front microphone that makes it a unique performer.


Al vloggers who are not familiar with the technicalities of cameras can use it because it is free of those complicated functions. The flip screen of the camera offers options for making flexible videos. The camera has received 4/5 star rating for its performance and good quality.


Its performance is low in the dim light and OIS.
The battery of the camera is average.
There is no external microphone on the camera. There is no front mic for the camera.

5. Canon ELPH 360 HS PowerShot

When it is about reputation, Canon has made its place among the competitors because of its point and type of shoot in the price range of $200. The features are good as a vloggers does not want many features at this price.


The camera is easy to handle that means you can place it in your pocket or bag or carry it in your hand for shooting videos. Vloggers prefer it because it captures all the talking and walking in such a short period. All who like outdoor activities find this camera effective because of the video quality 1080p in full HD. The ELPH model has a front model that is liked by the vloggers. Both the positive and the negative sides of the camera make it one of the best choices that a vlogger can have for making videos.  The camera keeps recording the videos with good quality of MP4. It can edit the videos and then bring good result at the end. It has a basic window of movie maker with its different ability of editing videos.


The video quality of the camera is 1080p. It has a front mic. The format of generating the videos is very good. It has earned 5/5 star because of its performance. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi.
The MP4 of the camera works very well. The camera works with AVI technique which makes it a modern style of camera. It is very easy to make and edit the videos with this camera.


The performance of the camera in dim light is not very great.
There is no external microphone with the camera. The battery life of the camera is average.


Now when we have come to know what features are important in the camera, it is important to follow the guide and select the one camera that can fulfil your requirement. There is also a need of comparing one camera with the other one to see which one is more effective than the others. List down your requirements and then check whether the selected camera has all the requirements or not. See whether you are making a quick decision based on your need or analyzing the cameras in a right way to see the good results. We have seen that from the above-mentioned products, Canon and Nikon are the two companies that are offering top vlogging cameras.

They are not only affordable but also contain the features that you can expect in a $200’s product. Fujifilm also has created good products and their innovative approach to designing the cameras is appreciable. Your concern should not be on the WiFi and front mic of the camera, you should focus on the camera that has the quality performance and rated well by the customers. Audio recording is one of the most important features because, without it, you cannot have good videos.

The microphone is also important, but if the cameras do not have this feature, then there is no need to worry. Do not buy the expensive camera if your budget does not allow you and do not buy the low-cost camera without observing, trying and seeing its features and result. Buying external audio device can give you a lot of benefits and microphone can solve your problems.

If you happen to spend some more money into your vlogging equipment, especially cameras then you can check our guide on the best vlogging cameras under $300 range.

Select the camera that works best in the low light and can give you a number of different kinds of videos with flexibility. There are many cameras we have listed that have this feature that is important for vlogging. You can also ask the company whether there is an additional feature they have added in the above-mentioned products available in the same price. We hope that now you will be able to buy the best vlogging camera under $200 for a regular use.

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