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Best Vlogging Camera Under $100

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In today’s advanced world, everything is getting mechanized and more technical that has become an inevitable part of everyday’s life. The use of cameras started with the intention of capturing the especial moments for storing it forever. Vloggers, in the same way, intend to convey their message to their viewers about different interests. There is no doubt that we are seeing advanced technology incorporated in the new cameras making them more effective. The price of cameras does not matter now as they are available in diverse range of price. Hence we have reviewed some of the best vlogging camera under $100 range.

best vlogging camera under $100

Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100

Features You Should Consider in Buying a Vlogging Cameras Under 100 Dollars

Now there are certain features that you should not compromise when buying a vlogging camera as it is about your reputation and your customers’ satisfaction. There are some people who prefer zoom and flash of the camera as important features, but other consider it essential for vlogging. If you are a traveler,r then you will need 50 mm of zoom facility by the camera you have selected. You can use the camera with built-in flash only if you have turned into a professional photographer, if not then you can use external resources for this performance. You should not worry about the camera’s megapixel because it is again for professional photographers.

Low-light Performance of the Camera

One of the most important features that you should look for vlogging camera is the low-light performance of the camera. The camera should able to record the images with quality in low light. It should have the feature to perform well in the night time. You can check whether the camera is providing good performance in the low-light or not because it will reduce the frames per second and create noise if it does not have this feature.

Other Features 

We know that vloggers with tight budget also desire to capture videos but their desire remain unfulfilled because all the good companies sell expensive products. However, the trend is changing now as more companies are bringing cameras under $100 with a number of good features. We have selected total five products for you so you can analyze the performance of the cameras.

The size of the sensor also matters a lot because if the sensor will be bigger, it will capture more images with good quality. Optical image stabilization is also important because you will be flexible while moving around in the garden or room for capturing videos. You will have shaky videos if OIS is not there on the camera. See whether the company is making you fool by advertising digital image stabilization because it will not give you the same result.

5 Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100 Reviewed

1 – Sony Cybershot 16.2 MP Digital Camera 

When it is about the products that have won the hearts of vloggers and maintained a good position in the market, we come to know that Sony Cybershot 16.2 MP Digital camera is first on the list. It has the features that produce wonderful results.


It has the capability of optical image stabilization that is necessary to have in the vlogging camera. Vloggers mostly do their work by walking and communicating, and this feature keeps them work with flexibility for a rich experience. The camera is also capable of keeping recording the videos at 720p. It creates smooth videos by bringing a high quality of result with remarkable precision. The vlogger can make 200 shots with its battery which is a good strength. The camera can zoom the images whenever required in vlogging and gives you an excellent result. The camera also has 20.1 megapixels that make it unique. It also has CCD mega sensor that makes it a perfect match for vlogging.  It produces a high definition of HD quality videos with crisp and precision of super quality. The camera also has TFT LCD screen with bright adjustment facility with the option of increasing it more than six settings. The easy to handle feature with quality videos and images at lower cost makes it one of the most demanding camera.


The camera has optical image stabilization.
It is easy to use the camera because of its sleek design.
The quality of videos is smooth
The camera facilitates zooming of images during video shot.


The life battery is low that arises

2 – Nikon Coolpix L32

A huge number of photographers have been attracted to the Nikon Coolpix L32 because of its nice and cool design and beautiful colors. The popularity of the design does not only consist of the design of the camera, but there is also much more to offer because there are other wonders as well. The features of the camera have brought it to the second ranking among all the vlogging cameras available under $100.


The screen of the camera provides articulation that enables the vlogger to analyze whether he has interrupted the video in the process of recording it. The battery life of the camera is also good, and it competes with the battery life of some of the famous best vlogging cameras because it can shoot 320 videos. It has a larger size that makes it more attractive than the other smaller sized cameras available in the market. The flip screen of the camera also facilitates personal videos. It has the ability to record 720p quality videos. It is recommended that the vlogger does not walk around for making videos because there is no image stabilization. The camera is easy to handle, and it has auto selection facilities. It also has motion blur reduction technology that makes it one of the best pieces in the market.


The articulation feature of the camera helps in providing notification no matter the vlogger is recording or not recording.
The volgger can take selfies and record personal videos because of its flip screen.
It gives very high quality if videos in the daytime because of its blurs reduction technology.


The camera does not have any image stabilization quality that means the person cannot shoot the videos while moving here and there. The camera shoots poor quality of videos in the low light.

3 – Sony Cybershot 16.2 MP

The next camera that is liked by most of the vloggers is by Canon that has a classy look, and it works with classy functions. It has remained at the third position in best cameras available at $100 after its launch. It has a number of features that you photographers like.


The camera has 16 megapixels with a flexible shape. The small size of the camera enables the vlogger to fit it in the pocket. The hot pink color of the camera jazzes up the entire presence of the camera. It has the ability to record videos at 720p with high definition. The videos it record has the HD quality with the precision of every minute. The camera is useful and easy to use with no extra toils. It has the image stabilization feature that makes the camera likeable for vloggers because this makes videos exciting. It also works with the technique of optical view. The automatic 32 predefined image shooting technique of the camera makes it stand out among others. It works with 28mm full angle lens with its zooming facilities and precision of image quality.


The camera with its digital IS feature makes unshakable videos that can occur while shooting a video. The HD video quality of the camera is what every vlogger wants. It is easy to handle for video shooting. It also has the optical view-finding technique and advances 32 auto shooting technique. The zooming facility brings more clarity to videos.


The negative aspect of the cameras is its traditional point and shoots technique that the vloggers do not like.

4 – Nikon Coolpix S33 Waterproof Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix has also gained a lot of popularity among the users because it is made with waterproof technology which is a new thing in the world of cameras. It has a number of other features that people admire.


It records the video with 1080p shockproof and excellent freeze proof technology.The camera zooms the pictures in an excellent way because of its NIKKOR 3x wide-angle with amazing shooting portraits and beautiful landscapes. It produces a very good quality of videos that the vloggers appreciate. The sensor of the camera is CMOS 13.2 in range. It is also handy and convenient to use because of its oversized buttons. The menu section of the cameras is carved on the camera with proper and distinctive alignment. The camera also records the stereo sound and gives the best quality of sound and video.  You can buy the camera with its variety of cool colors and upgraded style quotient. The trendy camera with cool design gives the pleasure of video recording activity.


The camera is waterproof and shockproof that makes it demanding among customers.
There are instructions on the camera that guide the usage for vlogger.
The zoom facility of the camera with 3x wide lens gives clear and precise pictures.
It records correct sound and images overall with very good results.


The battery life of the camera is not admirable because it is not of high quality.
The camera gives the very poor quality of images I low light. It also does not provide a high quality of pictures under water.

5 – Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera 

The popularity of Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera is not as much as of Canon and Sony, but still, the performance of the camera is as good as others. The name of the camera tells its best feature of being shockproof and shooting videos in the rugged terrain.  The design of the camera is thin and compact which create convenience for the vlogger to handle it easily. It is also a dustproof camera that creates an easy approach for the user to use it for the rough terrain.

The waterproof technology of water makes it useful 10 feet under water. The camera is thin and compact in design, making the handling very easy. The 20 Megapixel and 640×480 VGA resolution of the camera makes it perfect for video recording. It gives the outstanding and standardized quality of videos that customers of vloggers also like. There is no requirement of editing the videos as it provides a high quality of work.

It has digital zooming technology that provides four times more zoomed object. It has a shockproof mechanism that enables the vloggers to get good sports scenes. It works with excellent AAA batteries with front facing display of 1.8 inches that gives you perfect selfies. It keeps accepting microSD card with more than 32 GB of memory space.


The shockproof technology and dustproof technology of the camera makes it best among other cameras. It has one of the best features of 640 x 480 VGA resolution. It also easily accepts microSD card with 32 GB memory. The user can capture selfies because of its front-facing` display of 1.8 inches.


The battery life of the camera is not as good as it should be.


We have seen that there are many options in cameras that you can buy under $100, but it is also important to see which of the cameras fulfills your requirement. For example, if you do not want a camera for underwater use, then it is useless to buy the camera with this feature. On the other hand, if you want to work on the night shooting videos in the dark, then it is useless to buy the camera that only works best in the daytime.

You have to take the decision as you are spending your income or saving on the product that you will use in the long run. You must see whether it has all the features that you think are necessary for vlogging or you should go for another option by some other company. Choose the company that keeps updating its products with new features in the same price for upgrading its services. You will get a better product if you consider all the above-mentioned points.

If you have a slightly higher budget then you can always have a look at the best vlogging cameras under $200 range.

We believe that our guide will help you select the best vlogging cameras under $100 for best of experience for shooting videos.

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