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Best Vlogging Camera 2018 : Top Rated Vlogging Cameras Reviews

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The world is moving at a fast pace, and we have to keep with it, or we’ll lag behind. Social media has invented numerous things for people to enjoy and the ideas keep pouring in. Now you can make money just by sitting home and using your computer. You can make a YouTube channel and simply put videos on it, and you have yourself a business. There are a number of ways to make money through social media, and a relatively new one is to make vlogs especially with affordable cameras. Hence, we have compiled a guide of the best vlogging camera 2018 has to offer so anyone can start a YouTube channel or create a Podcast and fulfill their dreams.

Best Vlogging Camera 2018 Reviews

best vlogging camera 2018

5 Best Vlogging Cameras Released in 2018

In order to help you get the best vlogging cameras for your vlogs, a review of five best vlogging cameras is given below.

  1. Sony RX 100

It is one of the most popular vlogging cameras. It has almost all the essentials for the best vlogging camera with flip screen. Most prominent features of Sony RX 100 are given below.


It is the one of the best sony vlogging camera choice for enthusiastic vloggers who want to spend more time shooting videos. Sony has definitely set the bar high for vlogging cameras with this RX100 and vloggers would love it once they get the hang of it.

  • It has 20.2 MP 1” Exmor CMOS Sensor with BIONZ image processor. Its 1” sensor is pretty impressive as compared to other cameras of the same class. You can shoot full HD 1080p videos at 60 fps, pretty great, huh!
  • It offers steady shots image stabilization and a built-in pop-up flash.
  • You will find face recognition and registration feature for up to eight faces.
  • It comes with built-in stereo microphones and 330-shot battery life (CIPA).
  • It uses 10 frames per second continuous shooting in ‘speed priority’ mode.
  • The customizable front lens encircling control is everything you need to control for this camera. It allows you to control every setting and in any order you want.
  • The camera also comes with thirteen picture effects i.e. a total of 27 including all variations.
  • You can also store up to three groups of custom setting because the camera has memory recall feature.
  • It has an aluminum body which ensures the durability of the camera.
  • It is smaller, and you can fit in your travel bag or even in your office bag.


  • You will have amazing picture quality as well as image stabilization.
  • It is lighter in weight for carrying around.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune for this camera.


  • It does not come with lack time lapse option.
  • Problems with firmware are also reported.
  •        The user interface is a little difficult for beginners.
  1. Canon EOS 80D

If you want to create vlogs like a pro, then Canon EOS 80D is the camera for you. Cannon has always been a camera for professionals, and this one is already one of the best. You can place your bets on it because it has durability, class and some of the best features of professional vlogger cameras. It has following features.


This camera is like a dream come true for the professional vloggers and video makers. If you can afford it, you should always go for Canon EOS 80D which is considered to be the best canon vlogging camera for the money.

  • It supports a new 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor which also comes with the phase-detection autofocus system.
  • The sensor also comes with Dual Pixel AF and 45 point AF system with all cross-type points.
  • It uses 3” 1.04 M-dot articulating touch screen.
  • It shoots videos with 1080hd 60 fps, and the camera is enabled with Wi-Fi and NFC.
  • The continuous shooting with AF is 7 frames per second.
  • The camera’s exterior is made of polycarbonate and magnesium alloy chassis. Camera’s body is weather-resistant that’s why you can protect it from harsh weather conditions.
  • Canon EOS 80 D also has 7560 pixel RGB + IR Metering Sensor which is a great improvement over the 63-zone dual-layer sensor used in the 70D.
  • Dual Pixel AF gives you continued focus but also a great focus during still capture.
  • It also controls the human subject awareness for subject tracking.
  • It comes with mirror vibration control system which has the ability to control blur-inducing effects of shutter shock.
  • It also supports external microphone input.


  • Dual pixel autofocus system is a winner.
  • It comes with lots and lots of accessories.
  • You will find camera’s quality, control and subject tracking at its best.


  • Like every other Canon camera it is also heavy on your pocket.
  1. Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

This professional vlogging is camera will keep you in your budget as well as provide you with amazing video quality. You don’t have to go through much to get superior quality videos using this camera. This is especially great for going live on Facebook or other online sites. Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam has following features:


You will get an amazing video quality regardless of the option being used. It is heavenly for gamers who want to go live with their game play in full HD with integrated background replacement. Gamers can use background theme while broadcasting videos with this camera. The video quality will even capture smaller details which are mostly ignored by other cameras.

  • Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam gives you 1080p quality videos or the option of fluid HD 720p at 60 frames per second.
  • You will also be able to upload videos faster and smoother with H.264 advanced compression technology.
  • This technology uses less bandwidth to upload videos, and you can easily upload videos without going through much trouble.
  • The camera gives superior quality videos even in low-light. It can also adjust with the flickering lights or even with the different computer screens.
  • Two mics ensure the sound quality and capture sound from every angle. It has reliable no-drop audio, autofocus and a 78-degree field of view.


  • Low light adjustment is amazing, and it can adjust to poor light or dim light.
  • Compatibility with Mac OS, Windows 7 and OS devices is amazing.
  • It has excellent user rating, i.e., 4.4 out of 5 stars.
  • Fully adjustable tabletop tripod makes it easier to hold while recording a video which extends to 18.5 cm.
  • Easy on your pocket.


  • Travel vlogging is not possible with it because it has to be connected to computer or laptop.
  • Connectivity issues with Windows 10 are reported by some users.
  • It does not work very well with Skype.
  1. Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D has ruled the vlogging world before the arrival of Canon EOS 80D. It is very popular and used by most of the vloggers as well as YouTubers. You will find this camera good and reliable because of its advanced features and technology. It has following features:


You will find external controls to operate most key functions on this camera, and the Quick Control screen is also used to control other functions. The touch screen interface has brought this to next level and has an amazing touch screen.

  • The 20.2 megapixels APS-C ‘Dual Pixel CMOS AF’ sensor camera allows you to make videos in Full HD 1080p.
  • It has CMOS sensor and Digic 5+ image processor technology which is impressive.
  • You can take shots off at 7 fps to 65 frames per second in Raw or even in JPEG format.  Its standard ISO range covers 100-12800 with ISO 25600 while expanded.
  • It also contains silent shutter mode which allows you to mute sound while recording videos.
  • The stereo sound recording via external mic record sounds with sensitivity, and hence the sound quality is amazing.
  • It uses 19-point AF system, all points cross-type, sensitive to 0.5 EV.
  • It also has single SD/ SDHC/ SDXC card also, and built-in Wi-Fi allows you to upload videos with ease.
  • You will also find in-camera High Dynamic Range, and Multiple Exposure modes and built-in flash work as an off-camera remote flash controller.
  • The camera also comes with 98% viewfinder coverage, .95x magnification, switchable gridlines and electronic level display.


  • It has an excellent user rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • The camera has interchangeable lens option which allows you to use more than one lens of your choice.
  • Direct conversion from Raw shots to JPED through camera saves time and space.


  • Low-light performance is not good but not poor.
  • It is difficult to get the hang of the 19-point AF system because of sensitivity to –0.5 EV.
  1. Panasonic Lumix ZS50

Panasonic offers a best vlogging camera in your budget. Vloggers who are at the beginning of their journey and can’t afford to spend more on cameras but still want to get superior quality of videos will find this camera most amazing. Panasonic Lumix ZS50 has following features.


Optical image stabilization allows you to get a good quality video and make your vlogs even better. The noise reduction of shutter allows you to shoot videos without interruption of noise.

  • The camera has 12.1 mega pixels high sensitivity MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor and gets you full HD 1080 video recording.
  • The lens is a 24-720mm f/3.3-6.4 Leica-branded zoom lens with 1080/60 p video, and 10 fps burst shooting at full resolution.
  • It also gives a better low-light sensitivity an expanded ISO 6400 and provides best videos even in low lights.
  • The video is supported from multiple frame rates up to 60 frames per second in the high quality AVCHD progressive format and 30 fps in the MP4 format.
  • The aperture grip is firm and wide aperture ring makes it easier to focus the lens.
  • Customizing features are also available, and you can control shutter speed, aperture, or creative modes.
  • The ISO standards cover 6400 and as you see anything above ISO 800 is pretty good for making videos.


  • It is extremely lightweight, and you can easily fit in your pocket.
  • Great low-light performance allows you to shoot videos in low light and outdoor environment.
  • Bigger zoom
  • Wi-Fi connectivity option is also available.
  • Battery life is awesome, especially for traveling vloggers.


  • You have to take extra care of lens because it can easily catch dust.
  • Flash is often blocked by user’s finger.

Vlogging Camera Buying Guide


A Vlog is comprised of two words video and blog. It is known as a video blog or a video log. It is almost like web television, and you can see shortened videos of different contents.  are mostly made of embedded videos with text, images, and other metadata. You can easily make a video in one take or can make it multiple takes and combine it into one video. There are various YouTube channels which are making successfully. It is a great time pass for people who want to earn and want to have fun too. It does not take much of your effort, and the output is pretty good. If you have a talent and desire to start vlogging you just have to go for it or at least give it a try.

Earn Money with Vlogging

The question to earn money is still here for us; you can easily earn money through vlogging. Most of the people think that you need to be a well-known person before you start vlogging. However, the reality is contradictory, and you can easily earn money, you only need to know the right ways to earn money. A few methods through which you can earn money are given below.

Google Adsense

This is the easiest and most popular way to earn money through vlogging. You just have to put your video up, and if someone clicks on the ad while watching you video, you earn money. Simple, isn’t it?

Promote Others

Almost every one of us tries to find something helpful related to the product before buying it. We want to read a review of the products we’d like to buy. You can find companies who want to get their products reviewed, and they can sponsor you for making those vlogs.

Promote Your Own Products

If you are only a business person, then you should get out of your comfort zone and seriously try this. You can easily review your own products through vlogging, and you will start earning both ways.

These are only a few ways but you can keep looking and keep learning from your mistake, and you will be on the right way.

You are not going to need much; however, right pieces of equipment are must to start with vlogging. Find your passion or something interesting and start vlogging about it. All you are going to need is a good camera with right specs to set the bar for your vlogging. The beginners use their phones too, but that wouldn’t make you much successful, especially when competition is higher.

Buying Guide for the Top Vlogging Cameras

Your passion and the desire to present the best to the audience is what makes you the most successful in vlogging. However, getting the best camera will enhance your chances of being a famous vlogger. Almost every one of us knows that camera’s picture quality and pixels are two most important things, but there is more to that. You will be surprised to know that you don’t always have to worry about zoom for video logging. You can even ignore megapixels because those are for pictures mostly. There are a few other things which should always be kept in mind while purchasing a new vlogging camera. This buying guide will help you find the (closer to perfect) camera for your vlogging. Try to find a camera with all of these features and start earning money through vlogging.

Types of Videos

It is necessary to keep in mind the type of video you are going to make for your vlogs. For example, beauty vloggers will like to have compact cameras which show vibrant and bright color, while travel vloggers can go for DSLR. Consider the type of video you are going to make before buying a vlogging camera.


Lens’ aperture holds significant importance in vlogging. Always try to find a quality lens that has a wide aperture. It not only gives you blurred background effects for videos but also improve aesthetics of vlogs. As important as this feature is, you can only check its credibility while using the camera because some of the best cameras have an f/1.8 aperture.


Optical image stabilization should also be considered while purchasing a vlogging camera. It keeps the video stable even if you are moving during your video making. It is not always necessary but admirable for vlogging.

Wi-Fi Connection

You can’t vlog without an internet connection. It is necessary to get a camera with Wi-Fi features. You will upload vlogs using the internet, and that’s why built-in Wi-Fi is desirable. It makes your vlogging easier and more convenient because new features on YouTube allow to automatically syncing newly made vlogs.

External Microphone Connectivity

At times, your audience will tolerate low-quality video, but poor sound quality can be tolerated in the world of vlogging. Always get a camera with the best sound and a microphone input. You can also go for a camera which captures sound from other microphones, and it will create the best sound. The other option is to go for a built-in microphone on the front of your camera which can also make better sound quality vlogs.

Low-Light Performance

Try to find a camera which has exceptional low-light performance. It is the feature which is most significant, and most of the vloggers realize its importance. Most of the time, during vlogging, you can’t control the lightning; hence it is necessary to have a camera with exceptional low-light performance. Poor low-light performance reduces the frames per second and creates noises. Your video quality is improved automatically once you use a camera with better low-light performance.


Since you will be carrying your camera everywhere to make best vlogs, it is better to find a camera which is lightweight. Lightweight cameras make it easier to carry and make vlogging fun and easier.


The sensor is also important while purchasing a vlogging camera. A larger sensor in size will capture more light and improved video quality. Camcorders are not considered good for vlogging because those have smaller sensor size. DSLR is comparatively a better choice because of the larger sensor than camcorders and even compact cameras.

Battery Life

 Can be made indoor as well as outdoor. If you are filming indoor, then battery life is not much of an issue. However, if you are recording videos outdoor, then you will not always have access to your camera charger. Always check the battery life of your vlogging camera before buying it. Get a backup battery, in case the one in the camera wears down.


The cameras as mentioned above are one of the best cameras for vlogging or video making. You can easily get one of these even if you are beginners. However, you need to look at your budget before making a decision about your vlogging camera. Every vlogger and photographer is different in his own unique way with his concept and ideas. So, you need to look for the camera which also satisfies your needs and requirements while making videos for your vlogs. For example, if you have to shoot indoors like cooking or handmade crafts, then you don’t have to care much about the weight of the camera. On the other hand, if you are a travel vlogger or an outdoor vlogger, then you will require a camera which is not heavier to carry around. Other settings are also important to consider because according to you own specific prerequisites. Your determination and passion will make you successful in the field of vlogging, but a better camera can make a huge difference because better video and sound quality can increase your audience. We hope you liked our guide on the best vlogging cameras 2018 and if you think we missed out on some important things please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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