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Best Canon Vlogging Cameras for Youtube 2018

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Before discussing the best canon vlogging cameras let’s dive into the topic of vlogging first. Many of you have heard about the word vlogging which is a combination of “video” and “blogging.” Blogging has been known for a long time, but vlogging is relatively a new thing which has become popular in past recent years. Vlogging is combining the video footages with audio to make the viewers understand your idea. I also think vlogging is more engaging than blogging. Majority of people nowadays like to watch videos rather than reading a lengthy blog. Although logging cannot replace blogging still it is becoming popular with the newer generation of individuals. Vlogging can be used for marketing, and I am sure the products marketed by vlogs attracts more customers than marketed by the blogs.

Best Canon Vlogging Cameras for YouTube

So, looking for a Canon camera will surely promise you great vlogs and increasing viewers. But the difficulty is again in choosing the best and right model for vlogging needs. Many new vloggers don’t know about the specs which are important for great vlog shootings and are unable to get the right camera. We have made a list of top Canon cameras which are best for vlogging on YouTube, and you can get the one from these according to your needs. Let’s have a look at best Canon cameras for vlogging.

Top Canon Vlogging Cameras Reviewed


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1. Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark II

best canon vlogging camera

One of the best camera by Canon is G7 mark II which is used by many famous vloggers because of its specs and high-quality vlog production. It offers versatile feature without being heavy on the pocket. Its compact design makes it favourable to be used anytime on the go for making vlogs. Coming to the features and specs of G7 Mark II.





It is equipped with the DIGIC 7 image processor which is capable of shooting in burst mode and gives high-quality images.

It has a sensor of 20.1 megapixels and CMOS sensor capture the dynamic range of views, and it captures it all naturally.

A great ISO offers you to shoot in areas of low light perfectly.

A good image stabilization mode offers you to shoot videos without shakiness while moving. It detects the movement and corrects intelligently to give you a smooth video without shaky effects.

It features high-quality HD 1080 video recording and up to 60 frames per second.

It is equipped with a 3 inches LCD screen which can be tilted or adjusted according to your needs. It can rotate up to 180 degrees upward and up to 45 degrees downward providing maximum flexibility while making vlogs.

It has 4.2 times optical zoom allowing you to capture images far or near and perfect for low light capture.

G7 Mark II has built-in WI-FI connectivity allowing you to upload your vlogs instantly after making.




  • Ultra-fast and durable.
  • Good battery timings.
  • High-resolution adjustable LCD screen.
  • Best image stabilization.
  • WI-FI connectivity.





  • No external microphone port.
  • Unable to shoot at 4K ultra HD.
  • Variety of manual controls can be annoying.


2. Canon Power Shot G9 X


The next in the list of best Canon vlogging camera is also from the power shot series, and that is G9 X. as an alternate to G7 Mark II who have limited budget can go for G9 X which costs a bit lower but offers high-quality recordings and at an affordable price. It is also the best choice for the traveling vloggers because of its compactness and the slimmest size. Getting into the features of Canon power shot G9 X:





Ultra-lightweight and compact in size allows you to slide it in your pocket easily and put it out to record videos while traveling. It weighs only 7.4 ounces.

It has almost similar sensor compared to G7 Mark II which is 1 inches CMOS sensor with 20.2 megapixels resolution.

Equipped with the processor DIGIC 6 which can capture high-quality images and can record good videos.

Great image stabilization and high ISO allows you to record moving images in lower light ensuring great quality.

It also features 1080 HD full HD video recordings with an option of up to recording at 60 frames per second.

Built-in WI-FI and NFC connectivity to make sure that you upload videos anytime you want.

Touch LCD screen which offers friendly user interface easier to control and perform settings.




  • High-quality lens at a lower price.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Great image stabilization and ISO.




  • No 4K ultra HD recording.
  • No flip screen.
  • No external microphone port.


3. Canon Power Shot SX610 HS


Next reviewed and made its place in the list of best canon cameras for vlogging is SX610. It is the budget camera with a price tag of less than $250 but features almost all the essential specs that a high-end camera offers WI-FI connectivity, autofocus, image stabilization and many others. It is a good choice for beginners who want to step in the vlogging and wants to know how able they are in doing this. Because at the start you don’t need to invest much money in the camera. A camera like SX610 will be more than enough. Going into the details of features.





It offers almost same processor as G7X and G9X that is 20.2 megapixels with CMOS sensor, but unlike both, it comes with DIGIC 4+ processor

LCD of 3 inches allows you to see the things you are recording clearly.

It comes with an optical zoom of 18 x which allows you to capture stunning views brilliantly. Along with strong image stabilization mode, it records your moving videos with perfect smoothness by removing the shakiness of movements.

Built-in NFC and WI-FI for sharing videos or images instantly and anytime you want directly from your camera.SX 610 comes with an option to be controlled by an app called canon camera connect app by connecting it wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet and control your camera with it. It allows you to capture more easily.





  • 18x optical zoom.
  • NFC and WI-FI connectivity
  • Affordable price with major specs and features.
  • Easy to use interface with minimal buttons.




  • Battery life is not so good
  • Too small control buttons.


4. Canon EOS 80D


If you are a professional vlogger or have spent much time in vlogging than you must go for a more professional camera. After reviewing many professional cameras, we have come to a point where we think that Canon EOS 80D is the best camera which caters all your needs with its diverse features. It offers brilliant and fast autofocus which is required by most of the vlogs. Another best thing about this camera is that it offers flip screen too for doing better recordings. If you want to make your vlog creative by shooting multiple videos and then combining them in a single vlog this choice will be best suited for you.





It is equipped with 24.2 megapixels with an APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 image processor. All of these make it shoot the high-quality videos even in low light because of higher ISO.

It has 3 inches articulating flip LCD touch screen which can be adjusted according to your shootings.

It records videos in full HD mode at 60 frames per second.

It offers dual pixel CMOS autofocus for faster and reliable focusing while making videos in live view.

Built-in WI-FI and NFC which allows you to remotely control the device with your phone or tablet via connecting it to remote connect app.




  • Brilliant and fast autofocus.
  • Flip screen.
  • External microphone port.
  • Great battery timings.




  • No 4K ultra HD recording.


5. Canon Rebel T7i


A budget DSLR type camera for both the beginners and experts in vlogging is T7i. Better than its predecessors T6i and T5i it offers the variety of improvements which can make your videos stunningly beautiful and of high quality. It also comes with dual pixel CMOS autofocus which enables you to record videos while keeping the subject in focus. Great image stabilization works pretty well and gives you high-quality videos in low light and during movement. It also has the flip screen which allows the vloggers to shoot at different angles. The striking feature of T7i is the recording of movies in HDR mode.





It is also equipped with 24.2 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 image processor. All of which collectively produce high-quality, crisp images and videos.

It has 3 inches flip LCD touchscreen can be articulated up to 180 degrees upward or downward after pulling out allowing to record at various angles. So, the vloggers who record at odd angles can freely and easily record videos at any desired angle,

Built-in NFC and wireless connectivity to upload recording over social media instantly.

T7i can also be controlled remotely with phone or table by connecting wirelessly through an app called camera connect app.




  • Articulating flip screen.
  • External microphone port.
  • HDR movie recording.
  • Great image quality is comparable to best DSLRs.
  • Good battery timings.
  • Compact and lightweight.




  • No 4K video recording.
  • Camera with the 4k recording available at lower price.


The Current State of Vlogging


YouTube has provided a vast platform for the vloggers to make and post videos. Apart from YouTube, many other platforms are also there, but only YouTube manages to accommodate a large community of vloggers. And vloggers also like to post their vlogs on a leading platform to gain more likes. Vlogging is becoming common day by day, and even teenagers start to make vlogs and post them on YouTube. But every art has some prerequisites to make it famous and prosper same is the case with vlogging. Many new vloggers start to make vlogs with their smartphone, you can say that now smartphones are too equipped with better cameras, but they are not comparable to the cameras in any way.


You can check the difference yourself by making a vlog with a smartphone camera and any good camera. There will be a huge difference in image and audio quality. And the vlog made by the camera will attract more viewers in comparison to the vlog by the smart phone camera.


One of the tough jobs is to choose a camera for vlogging. It is becoming tougher day by day as many brands come up with the new camera with upgraded specs now and then. You can check every famous vlogger shoots their vlogs with the best camera which gives them success. Many brands are available in the market but we will focus on the best camera brand producing best and reliable cameras since so long, and that brand is Canon. Canon has been in the pioneers of DSLR and digital cameras.




Above mentioned canon cameras is best to buy for any vlogger it does not matter whether one is new to vlogging or have spent years in vlogging. The type of camera mainly depends on the vloggers need. If a vlogger wants to make vlogs indoor than the camera with great ISO is the choice which shoots good in low light. But if a vlogger records outdoor the camera with good image stabilization will be a choice. Investing in a good camera is not a wastage because many people think they can record higher quality vlogs with their smartphones. If this is true than camera production must be affected, but it is not the case. Many new models by different brands are frequently launching.

If you decided to do vlogging than get up, and buy a good camera for making vlogs. You can choose any one of the cameras from our list. We have thoroughly used and reviewed each of them and then telling you about the specs and features here. We have put the best cameras with all the budget classes, so the one who wants cheap camera gets the good one without getting out of their budget. These all are best-suited cameras for vloggers, and we assure you if you make your vlogs using these cameras you’ll be one of the famous vloggers in the near future.

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