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Benefits of Video Blogging for Small Businesses

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Small and large businesses alike are using video blogs to reach their target audience. The rise of websites like Vimeo and YouTube has made videos the go-to source for information. This presents a lucrative opportunity for small businesses to reach their target audience in an engaging, personal and interactive way. If you are thinking about incorporating videos to your marketing strategy but aren’t sure if it’s for your, here are a few benefits of video blogging for small businesses owners that will help you make up your mind.

benefits of video blogging for small businesses

Benefits of Video Blogging For Small Businesses

Establish yourself as an expert

Video blogs are an effective way of showing off your expertise because it allows you to share your knowledge with the target audience in a meaningful way. You can share information about what you do, how tos and give insider tips. Show your audience that you know what you are talking about and build their trust by providing valuable information. People are inclined to respond to businesses they know plenty about so don’t hesitate to tell them more about your products and services.

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Unlimited sharing

Social platforms have made it so easy to share videos, giving you the opportunity to reach audiences exponentially. Take time to create engaging video content and it may just go viral. Make sure your videos are not only entertaining, but also helpful.

Personalized touch

Video blogs make it easier for small businesses to reach customers on a personalized level. They give the target audience a face and voice to identify with, allowing you to send messages in an intimate and informal way. Because they are less intrusive as compared to commercials, vlogs improve chances of people seeking out your content. Build brand loyalty by providing quality and informative content.

Reach a wider audience

More people are using video platforms to search for products and information than ever before. As such, it is no wonder that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Uploading your content to such platforms means that it will be available to a very wide audience. Creating a video blog increases your business’s overall online presence and allows a wider audience to find you.

Improved presentation skills

Creating video content is a great way to improve your presentation skills effortlessly. You can experiment with different demonstration techniques, try out speaking styles or make mistakes without embarrassing yourself. If you don’t like something, you can simply do another take and another until you get everything right. This will break you out of your comfort zone painlessly.


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