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Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen for Youtube Artists (2018)

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Nowadays vlogging has become much common, and everyone wants to be a vlogger. The word vlog is a combination of two words “video” and “blog.” So, for vlogging, a big question is which camera to buy for making high-quality vlogs which are going to attract more traffic towards your vlog. For beginners, it is a tough decision to choose because many of them don’t know which aspects to consider while getting the one. The experienced vloggers know about the best camera because they already have experienced many cameras and come out at using the best vlogging cameras with flip screen for making vlogs on Youtube & elsewhere.

Many vloggers at the start of their vlogging use to make videos on their mobiles which doesn’t promise them much success. In vlogging, the camera plays an important role because the viewers are not focussing on your content or words, but they are watching your video. So, it must be of high quality to get the viewers appreciation. Therefore, as you are thinking to start vlogging on YouTube the immediate step must be to get the best vlogging camera.

Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen 2018

Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen – Top 5

We know it is hard to find the best flip screen camera once you are out in the market to get the one. Because the sellers show you too many varieties and features of every camera that you get confused and come back to home without buying. So here is a list of top 5 flip screen cameras with the detailed review, so you don’t have to visit any other site for more information.

1.    Canon Rebel T5i

best vlogging cameras with flip screen

One of the top picks by many famous vloggers in Canon rebel T5i an over 800 reviews and able to get a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon it makes its way on the number one as the vlogging camera with the flip screen for youtubers. To know why it takes the first place in vlogger community let’s have a look at its features.





It comes with an 18 megapixels resolutions with an option to shoot your vlog in RAW or JPEG formats.

Rebel T5i allows you to shot videos at a variety of fps so you can have different high qualities end product. It can shoot videos at 1920P x 1080p at 30 or 24 frames and also 1280P x 720P at 60 frames. You can give your vlogs a cinematic feel by shooting at 24 frames per second.

Strong image stabilization feature enables you to record in high quality even if your whole video is constantly moving between high and low light. It offers the best shooting in low light.

Now some information about the flip screen. Does it offer a good flip screen? Yes, it has a touch flip screen which can be rotated through 360 degrees. This feature of 360-degree rotation allows you to capture the video at all odd angles.

Talking about the beginners in vlogging this camera with flip screen offers an easy to control buttons which are simplified and are gathered on the right side of the camera. Another good feature for beginners is auto video mode which records video on the automatically detected settings.




  • Start-up time is short.
  • Fast recording.
  • Interchangeable lenses.
  • Articulating 3 inches touchscreen.



  • Old model.

2.    Canon Power Shot G7 Mark

cheap vlogging cameras with flip screen

The power shot series of canon offers the handy cameras without being heavy on your pocket. Having good ratings on Amazon with almost over 100 reviews and most of them gave five stars to it. This canon G7 is also the best option for vloggers who want to make vlogs on the go. Being compact and handy the vloggers can make travel vlogs easily.





Canon power shot G7 mark also comes with a touch flip screen which is 3 inches in dimension but only rotatable up to 180 degrees. It can provide the limitation in comparison to 360 swivels but it is more than enough for vlogging.

It offers 20 megapixels sensor with optical image stabilization which helps you in making moving videos smoothly without distortion in video.

It has multiple connectivity features including wi-fi and NFC allowing the vloggers to make and instantly upload the vlogs on youtube.

It can record 1080P videos and at 8fps which gives you high quality crispier videos.






  • WI-FI and NFC connectivity.
  • Premium built and design.
  • Hand and compact.
  • Good audio and image quality.





  • Battery timing is not good.
  • Slow shutter speed.
  • Limited zooming.

3.    Samsung NX Mini

best vlogging cameras with flip screen for youtube

Samsung has given the vloggers a kind of gift in the form of NX mini which is as small as it fits in your palm. A budget camera with all the essential features required to make good vlogs. Features are somewhat similar to G7 mark, but the compactness offers great ease and convenience to make vlogs anytime anywhere.





Ultra slim and ultra-lightweight camera were weighing only158 grams and measuring only 22.5mm in thickness. It can easily fit in your pockets.

It has 20 megapixels with BSI CMOS sensor which records videos at 1080 HD quality giving the high quality crispy clear end product.

It also has built-in WI-FI allowing you to share your vlogs instantly after recording on you tube.






  • Slim and sleek design.
  • W-FI connectivity.
  • Interchangeable lens.
  • Low budget camera.





  • Slightly bigger zoom lens.
  • Missing external mic port.

4.    Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR

vloging cameras

Another best handy camera for vloggers on the go is 70D SLR which offers great specs at an affordable price. With an extensively rotatable flip screen, this camera can be used to make vlogs while you are on a bike or bicycle and find something interesting to add up in your vlog you can record the moment by flipping out the screen immediately.





It has the resolution of 20.2 megapixels with dual pixel autofocus.

It has touch flip screen with continuous autofocus feature which records the video while moving perfectly fine.

Good optical image stabilization and can record well in low light.

The screen has easy to use controls and highly.

Sensitive to touch so you can manage to set even while making vlogs directly by touching.






  • Larger flip screen.
  • Interchangeable lens.
  • Optical image stabilization.






  • No headphone jack.
  • Heavier for long use.

5.    Panasonic Lumix G7

cheap vlogging cameras with a flip screen

Panasonic is also competing in the market to make good cameras at an affordable price with all essential features. Lumix G7, mirrorless camera is a choice for many vloggers because of its compact size and 4k video recording and many other features to make a great vlog. It provides great image stabilization with an ability to shoot great in low light.





It has a resolution of 16 megapixels which is less than other mentioned cameras, but it still manages to give high-quality images and videos.

It records videos at 4k UHD and has well-articulated 3 inches touch flip screen.

The camera can shoot b autofocus at six frames per second. In WI-FI

It also has an external microphone port which can be used to record more high-quality audios for your vlogs.

It has built-in WI-FI which can be connected and uploaded the vlogs instantly.






  • High-quality 4K UHD recording.
  • WI-FI connectivity.
  • A continuous autofocus at 6 frames per second.







  • Plastic built.
  • Limited battery timings.

Things to Look for While Buying a Vlogging Camera

You can be easily overwhelmed by the variety of brands making the vlogging cameras, and all of them claims to be the best in the market. So, you must keep in mind certain aspects which you look for in a camera for vlogging which can be helpful in getting the right camera.


Most vloggers in the start are budget conscious. So, keep your budget in mind while looking at the features of cameras. You can get the best camera within your budget by comparing 2 or 3 cameras.

Video Quality

Don’t look for any camera which offers less than an HD recording or if you want to make your vlog more professional opt for ultra HD cameras

Performance in Low Light

Do check the camera performance in low light because you may need to shoot your vlogs indoor or in an area of low light. So, your camera must be powerful enough to give you the best quality in low light.

Image Stabilization

You can’t make vlogs standing still at a single place; you have to move around so your camera must provide optical image stabilization to ensure the un shakiness of your video while moving.

Audio Quality

To make a successful blog like by the viewers it must have both things of high quality that is audio and video. Go for the camera which features high-quality audio recording. The viewers are going to have interest in your vlog only if they see the high quality video with the clear and great audio.

Flip Screen

Go for vlogging cameras with the flip screen because they are handy and can help in making good vlogs.


Advantages of Flip Screen Cameras

Various types of cameras are in use by different famous vloggers, but I think that for making vlogs camera with the flip screen is the best choice because:


You can see your position while making the vlog on the screen and by seeing, you can adjust yourself or your background image to make a good look.

You have to move, and while moving you and go out of the frame, so the flip screen allows you to stay within the frame while making the vlog.

If you want to capture videos at different angles, you can adjust the flip screen accordingly, and it gives you an idea of what is filming by tilting the screen at your desired things.

It is handy and can be used as a fixed tripod type stand camera. You can take it anywhere and make the vlogs on the go.

Disadvantages of Flip Screen Vlogging Cameras

As the flip screen is most suited for vlogging purpose and having so many benefits it only comes with little disadvantages which are not that much to stop you from getting it.


Flip screen cameras are a bit expensive than other regular cameras. You can get a regular camera with better specs at less price.

Because of the flip screen, it is delicate in a sense that you have to handle the screen with care. It can be damaged easily because of being out of the camera. And while moving it can be hit by a thing which can break the screen easily.




I think this comprehensive and brief guide to the best flip screen cameras for youtube vloggers is helpful if they are confused among different models and are unable to decide which model to buy for high quality making vlogs. You can make your budget and then look for the features you need the most for making vlogs. Like some vloggers like to make videos only indoor so they don’t need a handy or compact camera while the vloggers making vlogs on the go can make better videos if they buy a handy camera which can fit in the pocket easily.

Vlogging is taking the world, and I am sure most of us also have tried at least once to make a vlog. Usually, the beginners take their smartphones out and record a vlog, but the quality of the vlog is not comparable to any camera as it has many shortcomings. I personally recommend you if you want to be a famous vlogger get up and buy a camera first then let the vlogger inside you comes out.

You can get a cheap camera within your budget which can make your blogs to be like to the viewers. The smartphone camera doesn’t make the quality vlogs and is not liked much by the viewers and using mobile camera can badly affect your vlogging skills. Our whole review article covering the best vlogging cameras will help you in making the right decision for getting the best vlogging cameras with flip screen for youtube vlogging.

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