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Best Vlogging Camera Under $500

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Best Vlogging Camera Under $500

Everyone looks for quality cameras for vlogging, but most of them are very expensive. It is the reason; some people avoid vlogging and put aside their passion and interest. However, there are many cameras that you can find in a reasonable amount of $500 that can give you the highest quality of videos with maximum four thousand recordings. We have laid out the best vlogging camera under $500 range so you can easily make videos on your YouTube Channel or Podcast.

best vlogging camera under $500


Buying Guide for Vlogging Cameras Under $500 

Manual Mode 

One of the most important features that you should look in the camera is a manual mode that enables you to capture videos with creative control. Check whether the camera you are looking at has the manual mode because you have to select aperture, ISO and good shutter speed in automatic mode, but is manual mode keeps you stay worry-free. You can select all the things by yourself with good control for receiving the good image. From a starting point, automatic and semi-automatic modes are not useful, but it is the manual mode that allows you to create images the way you want. The camera labelled with “M” has the manual mode that you can buy. DSLRs and Micro four cameras have this mode but if the camera you have selected does have fewer points and shoots, make sure that they are easy. With point-and-shoot features, you can easily change the controls with the small size of the camera.


ISO feature is the next feature that we have put on our list because it shows the sensitivity of the sensor of the camera for light. You can shoot the videos in the dark without the help of a flash if the sensor sensitivity of the camera is high. It is the reason; you should search for the camera offering ISO 1600 or more than that. There are some cameras that can shoot ISO 25,000-102,000. However, higher ISO also means that there will be more noise, and the images will be grainier, but there are cameras that are getting better with less noise. It means now it is easier to get cameras that can get usable pictures for you with higher ISOs. You can see online which of the camera comes with this quality can give you a great experience of shooting videos.


Megapixel is a feature that measures the resolution, and greater resolution indicates the high quality of the camera and sharp print. It is not necessary to have a camera with a huge number of megapixels as 4×6 inch, and 5×7 inches are also good. 4MP can give you good results, and the 8MP camera gives 8×10 inches of print, and you can get 12 x 18-inch print with 20 MP. You can also have large prints with good results no matter you have zillion megapixels and it is because you have to reduce the print resolution.Creating large prints is also not a second option of the camera because you can get the result by minimizing the print resolution. The 40×60 inch canvas prints can use 12 MP cameras, and there is a requirement of larger prints if the user wants to have a greater view of the distance for taking the whole image. Getting away with the lower print resolution is easy. It is actually the megapixel that makes the camera worthwhile. You can consider the kind of resolution you require and take the print of the set system. There is no need of turning the canvases huge on a regular basis.

Size and Wight of the Camera

The size of the camera matters a lot because a camera only looks nice and functional when it is handy. It is the reason; you should check whether you can reach the different buttons of the camera without any discomfort. The camera should make you comfortable when you are holding it. Do not allow the camera to hold up on your face. The weight of the camera is also important because you do not want your hands to be burdened by the huge weight of the camera. You can choose the option that you can take anywhere you want. You can choose a smaller size and low weight of the camera rather than selecting the bulkier camera. If will create difficulty in capturing videos and picture. You may also forget the camera at home and then regret of selecting the wrong camera because of its weight.


5 Best Vlogging Camera Under $500 Reviewed

1. Sony DSC-RX100

You can get this in just $500. It is one of the camera that is getting very popular nowadays because it has following manual features.


You can take professional pictures by using the camera without the need of heavy DSLR. You can hold the camera comfortably as it is a small-sized camera. There is no struggle involved in using the camera; you can simply take it out and record videos. The image stabilizers help in capturing stable videos.  It has a 1.8f lens that is extremely effective in performance and value. Making slow-motion videos is easy with the camera as you can record the videos at 60fps. There is an option of selecting recording between 30fps, 60fps and 1080p which is not available in other cameras. The RAW shooting and the complete manual mode and of the camera is an advantage for all who want excellent videos.


The camera comes with the pocketable design that is very handy too.
This camera is perfect for low light for a compact.
It comes with high-quality of the lens.


There is no flip screen and non-existent of microphone input.

2. Olympus OM-D-E-M10 Mark II

OM-D is offering people affordable cameras because it has a number of features that you mostly find inexpensive cameras.


The camera has E-M5’s 16 MP four-thirds sensors that give great pictures. It also has TruePic VII E-M1 image processor and builds it the facility of Wi-Fi that enables the user to stay worry free about other devices. It also has 5-axis image stabilization that is mostly found in expensive cameras. The camera shoots up the videos you want to capture up to 1920×1080 at 30p for capturing casual videos. The features are useful for all the vloggers who make videos on a daily basis but could not find time for editing them. The camera has 5-axis image stabilization that gives increased quality. It is also a good performer with low-light performance.


It can capture the footage with videos through the application of filters.
The Movie Tele Converter filter of the camera enlarges the selected section in the camera’s frame to the full size.


The customer needs to pay the price for getting the lens with the camera.
The details are not sharp, and they are considered soft.
There is no mic jack, and the camera is not as compact as other cameras.
It does not have any flip screen.

3. Sony a5100

It is a not true that all good things carrying good quality come with a high price as Sony Alpha has the quality that everyone looks for vlogging camera. Let’s have a look at the features of the camera


The camera falls into the category of camcorders as it is a mirrorless camera. It has a compact body that is similar to the NEX model with the 24megapixel APS-C sensor. It is the smallest form of camera that comes with DSLR-quality sensors making an on-the-go image, and good is of videos. The camera also performs well in the low-light situation. It has a very fast autofocus system and affordable mirrorless camera. Maintaining focus with its one hundred and seventy nine phase-detection points and twenty contrast-detection points the camera captures good videos. The camera has a tilt screen that can be adjusted more than 180 degrees enabling you to monitor what the camera captures. The touchscreen of the camera allows you to have control while zooming with white balance shifting.  It has excellent battery Sony Alpha A5100’s battery that functions more than it is charged. One charge of the camera can give you 75 minutes of footage. It also has a 16-50 millimeter f/3.5-5.6 kit lens with optical image stabilization.


There is a flip screen and fast autofocus in the camera.
It also has APS-C Sensor, and the camera is small and compact.


A drawback of the camera is there is no in-camera image stabilization in it.
There is no mic jack and no in-body stabilization in the camera.

4. Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II

There are incredible features in the next camera Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II that is both compact and have a small structure.


The weight of the camera is the only 206g that makes it pocketable and lightest gadget among all the cameras. It also has a small sensor which is 1-inch of size. It has the ability to shoot videos with its amazing full HD capacity at 1920 x 1080 more than 60p. The 28-84 mm f/2.0-4.9 lens is a good feature that makes it compatible with G7 X’s lens aperture. It also has Powershot G9X built-in optical image stabilization that keeps reducing the effects of the camera for ensuring better flow of camera’s footage. The camera is also portable more than PowerShot G9X. The camera also has an interchangeable lens that is very versatile in nature.


It has a pocketable design which makes it easy to carry the camera wherever you want.
The quality of videos is good despite the fact that the sensor of the camera is small.
It also has good stabilization.


There is no screen for using selfie with the camera.
There is no mick jack, and the autofocus of the camera is also bad in low light.
There is no tilt in the camera and no flip screen.

5. Sony DSCHX80

Now when we talk about outstanding quality, it is Sony DSCHX80 that comes in our mind because it has a number of interesting features that everyone admires in a camera. The lower cost of the camera does not make it cheaper in performance because it maintains the quality in the long run.


The camera has a flip screen that makes it flexible to use and a cheaper option for all who want to use it. The lens of the camera cannot handle high ISO because they are lower. The camera records 1080p60 video that means it does not provide the bad result of shaky videos. The flip screen of the camera makes it easy to record oneself in the selfie mode. The camera can record the videos in the night and enables the user to keep handling all kinds of recording without the flip screen. The camera gives the performance and full value of the money you pay.


The best thing about the camera that all users admire is the flip screen.
The camera is also small in size, and it is portable that means you can carry the camera anywhere you want.
The camera is available at a good price that is not mostly seen in the market.


The sensor of the camera is small in size. There is no external mic port on the camera. The slow lens of the camera does not provide any help for the dim or low light.

If these cameras don’t cut it and you are looking for some high end vlogging cameras endorsed by famous vloggers then check out our guide on the best vlogging cameras that famous youtubers use.


Now when we have seen all the features that the best vlogging camera under $500 should have we also have seen what options are available in the market. You can also compare the features of all the above-mentioned cameras that we have listed to see which one suits your requirement. There is one important thing to consider that you do not have to compromise on the quality of the camera because it is the quality that will give you best of vlogging experience. You can see talk with the company about the product and then see take the next step of buying and testing the camera by making your desired video.

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