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Best Vlogging Camera Under $300

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Best Vlogging Camera Under $300


People on a tight budget look for camcorder or any other compact camera that includes all the qualities that an expensive camera has in common. Yes, you can have a very good camera even you have $300 in your pocket. Once you set the price range, you can come across many options that are available in the market. We have researched about a number of best vlogging camera under $300 range for you that capture the high quality of videos can constantly record 1080p video even on a tight budget. Following is the list of all the five best cameras that you can read about and then make a decision being a vlogger.

best vlogging camera under $300


What to Look for When Buying a Vlogging Camera Under $300

The Overall Quality of Image 

Image quality is considered one of the important qualities of vlogging cameras that further indicated through the resolution. The market has announced that in the year 2018, there are three common and best resolutions required for making the videos. It is HD READY 720P, Full HD 1080p and Ultra HD 4K. It is important to see whether the camera has 1080p and Full HD. You must understand that anything below this figure or average quality creates problems in success and growth of your YouTube channel. There are companies who are producing outstanding quality of cameras that give the good quality image as well. Selecting a camera with 4K and Ultra HD can give you a good result.

The weight of the Camera 

The weight of the camera also plays a very important role because the more lightweight of the camera is, the more it is convenient for you to handle it. You will stay in hassle if you choose the camera that is heavy because they will out burden on your phone if they are heavy. If will be difficult for you as it will put the burden on your hand and you will require a stand for making some fixed type of videos. It is the reason; for getting good footage, you must choose the camera that works best with its lightweight. There are cameras that are small and handy giving you a very good experience of capturing images with flexibility.

Optical Image Stabilization

The next feature that you can consider is the optical image stabilization of the camera as you will move here and there for making videos. Built-in optical image stabilization gives you more command over the videos making process and enables you to not to rely on video editing software for stabilizing footage. The feature is very important because it will keep preventing capture of shaky images and give you best quality of videos.

Audio of the Camera 

The views you generated by investing work and effort will not stick with you for a longer period if you will not be able to understand what you are trying to say. Therefore, you must check that the camera you are selecting has a microphone with it because it will create more quality in your videos. Your goal should be creating a built-in microphone that prevents background noise of traffic and any other thing. Not only microphone, but its position is also important because if it is in the front, then it can give you superior performance. You can find it any of the cameras in $300. You can create better sound for your videos with using this feature.

Auto Focus 

Vlogging involves switching movements and positions from one side to other. It means that every side you focus should give you the good result that is easy to see for the viewers. Do not choose the camera that gives out of focus images and creates more blur images. There is no doubt that in some videos, you need such effects but the final suggestion is that it is better to select autofocus if you want to show quality work to your viewers and win their hearts for the videos you make.


5 Best Vlogging Camera Under $300 Reviewed


1. Canon PowerShot N-Best Luggability

There are cameras that can give you a weird look at the first stance, and Canon PowerShot is one of the camera. The best feature of the camera is that it helps you get rid of the space that the common cameras cover and it is the reason, it is considered one of the best cameras. The camera has all the things that are necessary for recording the high quality of videos. No matter the camera lack external mic input, still it is famous because of following well-balanced features.


The camera is easy to use and record more than 1080p. It also has good optical stabilization that makes it unique in less cost. The lens of the camera covers a lot of length of focal that is all that you need as a vlogger. Using the camera at 28mm is easy, and recording in selfie mode is also convenient. It also has the ability to record 50mm for giving a very natural look placing it on a tripod. The camera can fit in your pocket, and you can take it anywhere you want. The camera enables you to have video-on-the-go that all the vloggers demand.


Recording 1080 p is the best feature of the camera.
It has a touchscreen, and there is also the facility of WiFi and NFC.
The small size of the camera makes it easy to carry it.


The user cannot see himself/herself even the camera tilt with 90 degrees with the flip screen.
Some people find it difficult to hold the camera because of its small size.
The battery life of the camera is low.

2. Panasonic Best Control LUMIX DMC-ZS50

The camera that you get without mic input can still give you many other features in $300. Panasonic LUMIX DMS-ZS50 is one of the options in the best cameras in $300 that give you good work with following features.


The camera has a fully manual mode and also comes with RAW support. There is enough ISO required for the camera to work in low light. The camera is playful and gives a good experience of usage. The manual feature keeps the camera working and never let it stop during video making process. You can record 1080p60 video with the camera. You can also record slow-motion videos and enjoy the timelapse mode of the camera.


The battery life of the camera is better than the other forms.
It has WiFi and good flexible approach to making videos.
IT works with the full manual mode.
It is also small in size that makes it convenient for the user to carry the camera wherever he wants.



The camera is heavier than Canon ELPH360 HS that makes it difficult to control for the user. The user may find more care for handling the camera.
There is no articulating screen and touchscreen for the camera.
It has a small sensor, and the battery life of the camera is low as compared to the other cameras.

3. GoPro HER05

All who have specific needs would find GoPro HER05 a perfect match. Vloggers find it very useful because it is one of the best cameras available at affordable price with following features.


The camera can record 4k video easily with resisting the tough environment. The camera can stay function and resist more than 33 ft of water. The camera works with an automatic setting that works with the user’s instructions or set functions. The camera is best for hitting recording, and there is no requirement of thinking about the manual setting because it has the ability to record the videos with high quality. You can have stunning slow-motion videos on 1080p120 mode. 
The camera is also good for situations with a fisheye lens. You can record the vlogs easily with the camera without compromising on the performance. In some cases, fish-eye lens work according to the set requirements of recording bizarre and unnatural look. It can record the videos under sunlight and even indoors.


It can record 4K videos with its good memory.
It works best with 120fps slow-motion feature giving good results where slow-motion videos are necessary.
It is rugged and constantly waterproof up to 33ft.
It is a POV camera that makes it best in the market.


There are many Vloggers considering the camera is not fulfilling their needs.
There is no zoom facility in the camera.
It is not suitable for daily vlogging.
It also has bad audio that creates a disturbance while making videos.

4. Nikon COOLPIX B500

There are many vloggers who admire working from their comfortable environment of home that than carrying the camera around. Nikon COOLPIXB500 is one of the best cameras that gives better quality with some pluggability. It has following features that you will admire.


It has the ability to record 1080p video and also performs better with low-light performance. The ISO of the camera is 3,200 with very good battery life. You can keep the camera stationary. It is easy to record the camera with a tripod. You can find the very good quality of the performance of the camera because of its good quality. You will be happy to see the right value of the price you paid for buying the camera because it gives excellent videos.


The ISO capacity of the camera is very good, and there is low image noise that makes it a good product.
It is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth.
It also has NFC that makes it unique.
The battery life of the camera is good, and it is cheap.


There is no manual mode of the camera that reduces the requirement of relying on the autofocus.
There is a need for good lighting for using the camera.
It is heavy with 1.19IB weight, and there is no focused manual of the camera.

5. Canon VIXIA HF R82

All who are looking for an improved version of the cheap Canon VIXIA HF R800 will be happy to see that Canon VIXIA HF R88 is what they were looking for earlier. It has a number of features that are very attractive for the vloggers.


It is a very good camera for vloggers who like to capture videos in low-light. It performs a better job than all the cameras that are available at low cost. The image quality of the camera is good because it has R800 and 32 GB of internal storage. The f1.8 wide helps the user for performing in low light. It gives a very effective a cool blurred good background. The user can enjoy capturing videos with minimum zoom. It does not outperform than the other cameras available in the market. It gives excellent blurred background effects by setting it on minimum zoom. The fast lens of the camera with articulated screen makes it one of the best cameras. The camera performs well at night time for recording the videos because it has a smaller sensor.


The camera is a light camcorder, and it comes with a flip touchscreen.
It has WiFi and a very decent quality of the battery. The internal memory of the camera is 32 GB that makes is good competitors among others. The manual exposure mode of the camera gives very good pictures. The user can easily buy the camera with consumer level of comrade market. The camera has a fast lens and a well-articulated screen.


It is not a suitable option for recording videos in low-light.
The camera misses real kind of manual exposure because it is set in consumer level of the camcorder market.


If you happen to go for more professional vlogging cameras then the aforementioned ones then you can feel free to check out our guide on the best vlogging cameras under $500 range. Vloggers who find interest in making videos are more concerned about the consistent good work for a better expression, and that is also possible today. There are many cameras that do not have a microphone port, but there are many that prove very useful because they are compact.

Compact cameras do not have external space in them because it is a common feature that you can find in DSLRs. It is better that you buy an additional recorder and connect the desired microphone with it to facilitate yourself. We hope that you liked our guide on the best vlogging camera under $300 range. Let us know in the comments below.

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