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Best Street Photography Camera Reviewed

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The street photography has lead in the race of photography business since its beginning.  These are the artists of the 19th century who with the passion of exploring the lives of humans living and working on streets, took the step to capture beautiful moments. Let’s have a look at the different features that a camera should have in common.

best street photography camera

Best Street Photography Camera – Top 5 Reviews

1. Sony Alpha 6000 Digital Camera

The first camera that you can buy for street photography is by Sony that only cost $558.00 and the camera has rated high for portability, versatility, speed, and affordability. It also has many other features that a photographer admires.


The camera creates comfort for the user to look through the camera in a natural way. It has the ability to reach ISO 25600 built in with 1200-zone exposure metering that provides true pictures. It has hybrid autofocus variety of 25 contrast points and excellent 179 focal plane detection points. It also detects other settings for making an instant stellar shot. It is compatible with Sony E-Mount with a variety of a6000 lenses. It can be charged with USB and recharge whenever you are on the street. There is no need to go back home and recharge the camera as you can do it sitting in a shop enjoying the conversation with a shopkeeper. There are no flaws in the settings of the camera. The LCD of the camera is 3-inch tilt with a huge number of 921,000 dots. It has 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor and very good focus sensitivity range of EV 0 to EV 20. The ISO 100 is equivalent to the F2.8 lens that is attached to the camera. The camera has ISO 100-25600 and can expand to 51200. The compatibility of the lens is Sony E-mount lenses.  The camera works with Hybrid AF 179-point focal plane-phase detection that is very useful for capturing good pictures. It works with more than 11 FPS for continuous shooting.


The camera is mirrorless and it is light in weight than other DSLR cameras available in the market. The lightweight makes it easy for a photographer to handle and carry the camera here and there. It is very powerful equipment because it has LCD screen and wonderful OLED electronic viewfinder.


The LCD could be much better and it lacks the standout feature.

2. Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III

All of the products by Canon are excellent but Canon Powershot is one of the best cameras for street photography because it has all the features that are required for this profession.


The camera is suitable for all who are looking for something good no matter that is expensive. The camera has a compact body that is packed with DSLR sized CMOS 24.2 MP sensor for providing best of results.  It has the G1 X’s allure that matches with the latest innovations and technology. The electronic viewfinder of the camera provides a clear idea about the appearance of the images. The dual sensor image stabilizer of the camera reduces blurred motions and creates clear images. It has a vari-angle touchscreen that is the most impressive feature of the camera. It has the ability to boast 3,680,000 dot resolution view that is jammed in 3” LCD screen. The camera can capture 1080p videos and works with 24-72mm lens that has a range of f/2.8-5.6 modest range. It has CMOS(APS-C) 24.2megapixels sensor and 3x zoom lens.  The cost of the camera is $1,099.00.


The camera is compatible with the need of today’s world because it works with very good speed. It consists of a beautiful design and the versatility makes it distinctive among others. It is heavy in weight that can lead you to manage it with care.


It lacks 4K video recording and battery life is less as compared to other options available in the market.

3. Fuji X100

The third camera in our list by Fuji that is a digital camera with Fujinon 23mm lens.


It has excellent 2.8-inch LCD that has scored well for standing among the competitors. It is easy to carry in the market and streets for capturing the pictures. The classic design of the camera gives it first ranking among the number of cameras that are available in the market. However, it is not only about the design of the camera as the product has achieved good rating and reviews because of its excellent result. It has nostalgic looks and cutting-edge features that give accurate preview with extremely useful data. The photographers get the chance of using the hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder. The camera has Lithium-ion battery that has extended life that gives the photographer an opportunity to stand and shoot on the streets for hours without any disturbance. It can process and easily generate RAW image files and gives chance to the photographer to work with ISO 51,200. You only have to purchase the lens from the market and get your work done easily. The camera comes along 23mm f/2 prime lenses that are beautiful and effective as well.


The developed lens of the camera gives 23mm focal length that is equal to 35mm and F2 widest aperture. It has a window-type good bright frame and optical finder with its amazing system of an electronic viewfinder. The camera runs with HD movie mode and captures a good number of 720 videos. You can buy the camera in $1,049.


The LCD is small and lacks touch. It does not have full HD video recording option.

4. Olympus Pen E-PL8

The fourth camera that falls on our list has amazing features that the photographers like and this is the reason, they use it for everyday activities.


It is a portable camera because the design is not complicated and the weight is also not very much. The speed of capturing the pictures is also good and the affordability is in range of people. The design of the camera has gained popularity in recent years despite the fact that it is not the flashiest camera. The look of the camera is like of X100 and 35mm cameras that we have seen in past. It is an all-rounded camera that is made for street photography with its E-PL8. It has a discreet design with a compact size that makes it look like a normal device without drawing the attention of people.  It has an iAuto setting screen, switches setting and different modes that make it best product among cameras. It takes less time for controlling and gives the user the opportunity to spend energy for making shots that prove great. The 180° touchscreen LCD and the built-in Wi-Fi of the camera work with 3 axis image stabilization system. It has gained good popularity among the cameras that have advanced features and it has proved good and reliable choice for all who want to shoot in streets without any problem. The camera comes with 14-42mm IR Black Lens with high speed 8.5 frames that give sequential shooting in every minute.


The supersonic wave filter sensor has very good dust deduction system. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi for processing uploading and sharing of videos for conducting remote shooting with a smart device. The cost of the product is $440 which is not too high and anyone can afford.


No mic input option and lacks a built-in flash.

5. Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS70

The last camera in our guide is by Panasonic that works with 20.3 megapixels and is a 4K camera. It has good 3-inch front display that can flip 180 degrees and is touch-enabled.


The lens of the camera is 30X LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR Lens 24-720mm and camera also offers Wi-Fi facility. You can carry camera easily on the streets as it is portable and versatile in look. The speed of the camera for taking pictures is also good and it is also available in affordable price. The design of the camera is appreciable. It has the power-force that everyone likes for shooting great pictures. The camera has sensitive and amazing 20.3 MP MOS sensor and gives remarkable image quality. It works with 24-72mm 30x zoom lens can create excellent full HD videos that work with 4K burst modes. It is based on an adjustable system with even switches and other impressive features. It is affordable as it only costs $500 for bringing the quality that your pictures deserve. The format and the layout of the camera are not like the other cameras available in the market. The camera points navigate and shoot in a good system. It also has a 5-axis hybrid with optical image. The 4K post focus of the camera with its internal focus staking leads to goof experience. It has 75mm and 90 mm Leica lenses of good quality. The camera has unique and productive lens barrel that are mounted control rings enabling quick and good operations and functions. The camera also has AC/USB port of travel charging and Wi-Fi. It also has selfie mode of photography and framing that makes the camera more distinctive in nature and work. The cost of the camera is not very high as you only have to spend #397.99 for buying the camera. The camera falls in the category of all the products that are easy to approach for fulfilling your passion for your profession of photography.


The electronic viewfinder of the camera is 0.2-Inch 1, 166 k-dots EVF with its excellent eye-sensor that creates an opportunity of easy views under the conditions where the outdoors are sunny. It has the ability to record the videos with its 4K QFHD (3840×2160) and exclusive LUMIX 4K photo.


Lacks external flash shoe and environmental sealing.

What to Look for in Street Photography Cameras ?


The first and important element that a camera should have it portability because a camera should be easy to handle while you travel in the streets. Heavy cameras only create problems for the photographer. You do not have enough time on the busy and crowded steed to manage lenses and tripods of the camera.  Furthermore, a number of photographers give importance to being discreet so it is easier to handle and bring value to the work.


You will come across a number of different cameras when you will start exploring the world around you because photography is a broad genre. You will see focused detail and the movements of the crowd that is hustling and bustling in the markets. The charm of street photography is that it captures the real world with the camera by adjustable focal length and other powerful auto settings.

Speed or Work

The camera with an open eye and excellent quick reflexes can catch the critical moments because the streets remained busy with the magical moments. However, the problem is that these moments fleet in a constant manner and motion. A camera that has the ability to keep up eye costs money but the feature is significantly important.


There is no doubt that most of the photographers consider cost as the forefront element. The photographer can knock around the camcorder but by the end of the day, they require it to work on the projects. You can buy a good camera at an affordable rate without breaking your bank as there are many options out.

Design of the Camera

lastly, the camera you are going to buy should consist on intuitive design as the world keeps on advancing itself, there are ongoing adjustments with the cameras. It is the reason, you need to see what is clumsy and what has the right design that can help you stay attached to it as your personal device.


Experts say that two eyes cannot see art with the same approach when they see the rich tapestry of the street photography. However, in this guide, we have reviewed the entire best cameras that are used for street photography. It is important to be subjective for asking the magic behind the great picture. It is the camera that works with some amazing aspects and consistently proves valuable in the profession. Every camera must have some basic features to make the experience more enriched. You need to see what suits your requirements and then work on them directly.

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