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Best Camera for Travel Photography and Blogging Reviewed

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Most of the professional photographers have addressed the concern of young photographers who are taking the first step in field task about the best camera they can use. They have limited knowledge and keep on seeking ways where they can avail things in a better way.  You can pick a good camera for your trip if you know what features need to be considered in general. Hence we have laid down an in-depth guide on the best camera for travel photography and blogging.

best camera for travel photography and blogging

Best Camera for Travel Photography and Blogging

Best Budget Camera for Travelling

1. Fujifilms X-T10

The first camera on our list is considered one of the perfect cameras for travel bloggers who are at a beginning stage as it has a number of good features making photography a very thrilling experience.


The camera is mirrorless and has a compact design that makes it attractive. It is a lightweight camera that makes it easy for the blogger to carry while traveling for capturing sharp and colorful things. The camera provides clear and beautiful pictures in affordable budget. It works with Auto Mode Switch Lever for helping the user so he/she can automatically set the camera to optimum shooting settings. The camera is for all who want to have premium quality pictures without manual customization. It comes with 18-55mm 2.8-4.0 fantastic lens kit that is best for travel photography. You can also add a 35mm prime lens for taking epic pictures. The camera has 16.3-megapixel Sensor (XTrans CMOS II) and it films the videos at 1080p with sixety frames per second. It also has a 2.36M fot OLED electronic viewfinder and the Wi-Fi connectivity with inbuilt flash. The camera is made for the bloggers who want to take the high quality of pictures for their blogs using different settings. The cost of the camera is not very high and the person can buy the product easily from the market.


The camera reduces staining and keeps enduring minor accidents because of its magnesium alloy shell and good rubbery coating that ensure proper grip. It gives great quality to photos because of its Shoot JPEGs and full DSLR-style manual control that are available in a compact design.


Those who are looking for a filming spree should not consider the camera. The battery life of the camera is short and one should take extra batteries for charging the camera.

Best DSLR Camera for Travel

2. Canon EOS Rebel-T6

When it is about something that is appropriate for entry-level photographers, you will see that Canon EOS Rebel-T6-Best Budget Blogging Camera is one of the best in the market because of its main features.


The camera is very convenient to use and the control manual is also superb making it perfect for blogging. It is famous as 1300D and Kiss X80 Camera of Japan because of its customization. The camera is convenient to use because of its shooting mode, pictures, and color rendition giving premium images. It also comes with pre-customized shoots mode enabling you to take best of the pictures while you are traveling the world. The menu of the camera is large and it is easy to read it while you shoot during the sunny day. There are full auto modes. It has a complete kit with 18-55mm EF-SF/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens, ISO 100-6400 that can expand to 12800, very good wide angle 58mm lens and telephoto 2x lens. The camera is also equipped with 48GB SD memory card and tripod. It also has flash and other photography accessories. It works with one-handed shooting with HD Video and DSLR quality of images. The camera has 18MP sensor (APS-C CMOS) and 3 fps burst shooting. It also works with Wi-Fi with NFC and fixed 3” 920k-dot LCD. The autofocus system of the camera is 9-point and it has the ability to capture 1080.30p videos.


The camera is inexpensive and the life of its battery is also good. The camera has right-hand side controls and other buttons as well. The plastic case of the camera makes it one of the light products in the list of the camera we have mentioned. You can instantly share your work by attaching it to the laptop.


The camera is high in cost that restricts the approach of many to buy the camera.


Best Mirrorless Camera for Travel

3. Canon EOS 70D

The next best camera on our list is by the Canon EOS 80D which is focused DSLR camera featuring images in a comfortable way.


It has Rode VIDEOMIC GO microphone and also offers 8-135mm Lens. It also works with 32 GB SD Card, a good mic with an excellent lens. It also works with three different autofocus 19-point area AF, the Zone AF, and very good single-point AF. The camera has cross-type 19AF that enables greater safety with Dual CMOS AF and live view of shooting. It is very convenient to operate the camera because of the non-techies and the creator kit. You just need to insert SD card, mount on Videomic Go, and plug in the 1/8” (3.5mm) for shooting. It has a compact design with incorporated cutting wireless EOS 70D technology. The camera also works with EOS remote app used for operating the camera focusing shutter and aperture important. It also focuses the pictures using the smartphone from a distance. It is a highly responsive camera with articulated 3” touchscreen and superb image quality. The camera works with facial autofocus that is made for recording tutorials and other webinars. It works with EF and EF-S lens.


The camera has the ISO 100-12800 that can expand till 25600 and it can also shoot more than 7fps. The built-in flash of the camera with integrated Speedlite transmitter makes it more attractive in general. You can use the camera for tracking moving objects in a consistent and smooth manner. You can share your images and necessary videos because of its wireless features.


The camera does not have the ability to respond in low light so you should not use it outdoors at night.

Best Camera for Travel Videos


4. Sony Alpha A7R III

One of the best mirrorless camera on our list is Sony Alpha 17R III that works with high process power and efficiency and proves one of the best cameras for blogging as it captures impressive shoots.


It has a built-in quality of shooting amazing pictures that you admire after every click. The body of the camera is made of magnesium alloy, dust and good moisture sealed. It is a very fantastic electronic optical viewfinder with high resolution. The camera is large, fast and responsive. It has a superb battery life as it is incorporated into a wonderful high capacity NP-FZ100 battery that is rechargeable at any time. The camera has 2.2 x capacities that people get in NP-FW50-W series of battery. It is a bright piece of the camera with an amazing focus speed and the speed is reliable in a brighter environment. The video quality of the camera is 4K2 HDR3 (3840X2160) with amazing enhanced eye-AF that keeps detecting and focusing on the eye of the subject while taking a picture. The camera has high processing speed with fast autofocus. It also comes with 42.2 MP high resolution and advanced 5-axis IS system. The black illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor of the camera with 3” Tiltable LC screen and touch AF makes the camera stand out among others. It can tag GPS via using Bluetooth in a quick manner. The camera works with 10fps, accurate AF/AE tracking equipped with a silent and mechanical shutter. The camera with dual SD media card slots makes the camera stand out among the number of cameras. It also works with front-end LSI BIONZ X processing engine.


You can have a better control of the camera by using the customizable menu for shooting pictures because you just have to press a click. The sturdy grip with beautiful dials and other buttons makes the camera more elegant.


It is difficult to delete the memory card.

Best Camera for Travel Vlogging


5. Fitfort Action Camera

The last camera in our list is packed with numerous features and accessories that the beginner photographers like a lot.


It is one of the best blogging camera that will give you a very good outdoor experience that you can take with you while you go for hiking along trails or any other thing. The camera has GroPro HER06 features available at affordable price. It has easy-to-use controlling features and consists on a compact design. The free phone app of the camera enhances the experience for users. It is a waterproof camera that enables you to work underwater while you dive in the water snorkeling. The camera comes with a Fitfort action waterproof case and 2 good valued 1050mAh rechargeable batteries. It also has a 2.4G remote control and two helmets. The bicycle stand, 2 clips, and bandages make the camera stand out. It also has 7 mounts, 5 tethers, and USB cable. The protective backdoor of the camera with its lens cloth is of high quality. It has a convenient Wi-Fi connectivity that enables the camera to connect with iOS and Android devices through EX iCam App transfer videos wirelessly. The wrist remote of the camera helps you take pictures with ease as it has strongly built quality withstand falls. With its 12 MP, the camera can capture 4K videos, records 4K ultra HD videos at 2880 x 2160 (25fps), amazing 1080p videos at 30fps and 60fps and quality containing 720p videos at 120fps. The camera works with power saving feature because of its 1/3/5 minutes screensaver and also records 30m (100ft) in depth of water.


There are total 7 mount options designed for helping you to keep recording the videos for blogging. You only have to attach the camera to your comfortable places like your wrists or bike and start your travel journey.


The battery only works with 90 minutes for overall recording.

What to Look for in Best Cameras for Travel Photography & Blogging

Size and Weight of the Camera

The days no longer exist when the bigger size of the camera shows that they are a good camera because now there are varieties of small and light weighted cameras available in the market.

Manual Settings & HD/4K

It is necessary to select the camera that can give you the ability to control the settings so you can dial a consistent perfect shot. You need to see which of the camera can give you good quality in every kind of situations. Most of the quality travel camera shoots the pictures in HD 1080p and others have the capability of creating more quality for professional work. You should also consider the requirement of your work and choose the one that suits you best.

Megapixel & Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

It is not true that more megapixels are always better for taking pictures. However, this is not true because you can use a camera with small megapixel for completing your task. If you want high detail then choose the camera with more megapixels because you can crop the images without minimizing the quality. If you want advanced features then you can select the camera that has built-in Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth feature that you can use for uploading the picture on your smartphones.

Fast Lens & Zoom Range

Research shows that the lens aperture such as f/1.4and f/4 etc. and the lower number denotes better performances in low-light situations. Furthermore, the zoom lens helps you stay close to the goal but the bigger zoom means you have to carry a bulkier camera. It is your personal preference for work that how much zoom do you require.

Interchangeable Lenses and Waterproof Feature

Now using the camera that has interchangeable lenses can be very beneficial for you because you can use the lenses for different situations. If you like taking pictures underwater while traveling then you can see which of the camera has this feature too.


You may are not aware of the fact that the cameras can not only give you the chances to save your memories but also help you show them to people. The picture stands for a long time that is captured by the best camera. The issue here is that we have limited knowledge about the things and we are not sure in which product we can utilize our money. Honestly answering the question, we are aware of the fact that the need of every person varies and there is a need to make decisions based on our needs. You also have to see the budget that you can spend for buying a new camera and narrow down your approach in the overwhelming choices that are available in the market.

We hope that you liked our guide on the best camera for travel photography and blogging. If you think we have missed out on something important, kindly let us know.

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