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Best Camera for Instagram Reviewed

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Being a viewer of pictures, you may have noticed a number of beautiful and attractive features of the images. However, being a user for capturing pictures, you focus on setting the perfect angle and lightning. You staying behind the scene consider all the essential elements that can add quality to your work so your viewers can enjoy and appreciate your work. There are many new photographers and bloggers who are depending on a smartphone because of its smart technology. Hence we have put together a guide on the best camera for instagram influencers and other social media channels like Facebook etc.

However, they also stop working when the smartphone is unable to work and cannot work beyond its limits. The cameras of smartphones can only work with 5.1 megapixels that mean they are not powerful to take a magnificent picture. You being the user of Instagram disappoint because of the result you get and try seeking other options available in the market. Our advice is for all who want to bring more clarity in their work and want to take their work to the next level where they make a mark on Instagram with their creativity and work.

There is an emerging need for professional cameras now because no doubt that the smartphone industry is producing cameras built-in mobile phone but they are not fulfilling the requirement of Instagram users. It is the reason; we recommend that you should look for a professional piece of camera that can upgrade your work.

best camera for instagram

Best Camera for Instagram – Top 5 Reviews

Let’s have a look at the different cameras that are available in the market:

Best DSLR Camera for Instagram

1. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM1

The first camera that comes on our list is one of best camera that you can buy paying a comfortable price. The camera has the megapixel that you will admire. The camera has a number of different features that a photographer admires.


The camera is inexpensive and suitable for all who want to shop a camera with a modest budget.It gives attractive and quality pictures to the photographers who want to post their work on Instagram. It is compact and the weight of the camera is also light that makes it convenient for the user to handle can carry around for taking pictures. Giving awesome result is one of the qualities of this camera as it works with 16.84 megapixels. It works with amazing details and full clarity that other cell phone cameras cannot achieve. It has 16 MP digital live MOS sensor that the users like most. It works with venus engine image processor and also brings quality result with its micro four third system.It has different LCD Monitor 3.0” 1,036k-Dot touchscreen that makes it distinctive than the other products available in the market. It also works with built-in wireless connectivity that makes it independent system. The light speed AF and the focus peaking on the camera help in capturing great pictures. The ISO 25600 and ability of 5fps continuous shooting helps in making long videos. It has a highly compact magnesium Alloy body that looks very beautiful.


You can make continuous video footage because of its ability to record for 40 minutes. The professional photographers can also take pictures with its interesting footage performance. It has the setting of automatic mode and intelligent ISO sensitivity. It can work with different settings for conducting your lightning experiments. The GM1’s WB of the camera is more accurate under florescent lightening than the other cameras.


It is an expensive option for those who cannot afford the camera.

2. GoPro HERO5 Black

When it about capability and affordability then GoPro HERO5 Black camera comes in our mind. The camera can record 4k video footage in the same way the above-mentioned camera can have, but it has many other features. The reason behind its popularity is that it has enough potential to give a quality picture with following features.


The 12.0 megapixels of the camera and the incredible image depth with enough clarity makes it popular. The user can control the camera with simple voice commands, and it will start responding that will free your hands from clicking any command. It is also a waterproof camera and goes in-depth 33 feet for taking a picture that means you can take breathtaking picture underwater without any fear of damage to the camera. It captures stunning images with its burst and excellent time-lapse modes. The camera is durable because of its design and has additional GoPro HERO5 black features with time intervals of 0.5, 1,2,5, 1o, 30 and 60 seconds. It can preview and playback the shots with a system of changing settings and trimming the footage.


The battery of the camera can sustain for 60-90 minutes that means you can capture a video easily consisting an hour time length. It also has advanced video stabilization that gives quality result no matter you move here and there; it will not provide blur picture. You can optimize the pictures with it’s a number of settings available.


There is no charger available with the set, so you have to buy on your own. There is no AC power plug, and the specification can change by the company, so it is better to get information from the company as well.

Best Camera for Social Media

3. Panasonic LUMIX DMC –GM5KK

Panasonic has always considered the needs of the photographer and produced the products that are best in quality. Lumix DMC-GM5KK is one of the great cameras that can help you accomplish your Instagram goals. It is a superior camera because of its wonderful features.


The resolution of the camera is similar to GM1 and 16 megapixels. It excellently uses Micro four-thirds mounts offering various ISO setting. It works with different shutter customization options that give excellent opportunities for unique photographers. It has premium compact design, and the structure makes it easy to carry the camera in different places. The ultra-compact body and the magnesium body of the camera look distinctive and beautiful. The camera has high-class camera quality as a DSLM can have because of its 16.00M Digital MOS Sensor and the incredible venus engine. It also works with light speed AF and gives you a good feel of joy for shooting the places. It has 1166k-dot LVF and a good touch monitor with its three snap movie that gives it a distinctive identity. It also has Wi-Fi convenient connection with available QR code.


The camera gives superior quality because of its sleek and sophisticated design. The interchangeable lens MFT Mount and the super-compact design of the camera provides a pleasant experience while you work. It also has improved composition and ability of view in the sunlight that enables it to work as a live viewfinder. You can have flexible shooting because of its durable design. The remote shooting is possible because of the WiFi that is built-in the camera. It also has a bounce option of external flash hot-shoe and LED.


It is difficult to find the camera as the demand can be high about buying the camera.

Best Camera for Facebook Live Video

4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Another fantastic phone that you can consider for taking a pretty picture is Apple iPhone 7 Plus because of its distinctive abilities that do not match with the traditional cameras. The camera is leading in the market because of its following features.


The camera captures pictures with its 12 megapixels have the ability to take 4k resolution video footage. The size of the camera is 128 GB and it is also available in other sizes with its black color. You can keep the iPhone up to date and can access the camera with any device you like. It produces wonderful results with its multi-touch display and IPS technology. It has use single press and 3D touch for more quality work. The camera shoots sharp because of its 12-megapixel iSight and more than 1080 p HD video resolution. It has a better battery life than the other camera and works with immersive speakers. You can use the camera underwater because it is water resistant.


It has good control over aperture and the shutter speed of the camera is also good that makes it proper camera. You can practice photography with its 12 megapixels and capture beautiful images in nature or home. You can create excellent photographs with its upgraded system.


The cost of the product is too high which is not within reach of a common man.

The user can come up with multiple issues if the model changes and the camera start malfunctioning.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX 100 V

The next camera on our list is Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX 100 V which is a big step towards the enhanced capabilities of the cameras.


It has maximum developed autofocus AF sensor which capture the images in a well way. It has astounding resolution and 20.1 megapixels that give better images for Instagram. The shutter speed of the camera is also incredible which is 1/32000 that shows that the camera can theoretically capture 32,000 images within a second.It has electronic viewfinder that gives sharp resolution and bright self-illumination. It also views shots with its high contrast and adjustable setting with coated pieces ofZEISS® T*. It autofocuses with 0.5 seconds which is world’s largest figure and its hybrid AF system that has both contrasts and phase. It gives amazing results while shooting wildlife and the AF detection of the camera is very comprehensive in a compactable camera that utilizes 325 autofocus point. The shooting speed of the camera is 24fps 3 w/ auto focus and other auto exposure that can track and ensure exceptional photography. The image sensor of the camera is 20.1 megapixels and 1” Exmor RS stacked dark black CMOS w/Dram that enables continuous shooting.


It can capture 4k videos with its pixel binning and faster hybrid F. The camera can also shoot super slow movies of more than 960 fps and optical zoom of 2.3. It can also capture videos at 24 fps and it is easy to handle for shooting.


The cost of the camera is $948 which is a high cost for people with limited budget.

Challenge in Finding the Best Cameras for Instagram

If you are not aware of the fact that what you need then it will be very challenging for you to select the right kind of camera. Moreover, there are cameras in the market that give good service, but they also cost a high price. Therefore, you must understand your needs and the features in the camera that you want for improving your photographs.

Shutter Speed

Now let’s take about the other things that you are not familiar such as the shutter speed of the camera. It is the speed describing the overall time length of the shutter about its ability to open up and collect light. Shutter speed is very important and primary element of action photography. Fraction is used for measuring the speed, and the camera with good and more shutter speed can collect and absorb the light in short period than the other one. The camera with the lower speed of shutter gets more light which is considered very valuable in situations with low light. However, the only problem with these shutters is that they are not very great for all photographers who want to capture bodies that are in motion.


There are many other additional features that you can see and check whether you need them or not. Check whether the camera has additional features apart from what are mentioned in this guide. Autofocus is one of the qualities that can give you good focus with excellent images and sensor size can improve the quality of an image. A camera should have megapixel and good sharpened lens with ability to zoom to capture a good picture. It should also have LCD viewfinder and other important features that can give you good results.

Selecting a handy camera can give you ease to use the camera effectively. These features can give you the work that you can show in your social circle online and get the attention and appreciation you want to have in general for your business or blog. Once you buy the best camera for instagram & other social media channels with all the above features, you will see that your channel will have a more professional outlook.

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